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As the Summer holidays ramp up, back-to-school season also kicks into gear. It’s not uncommon for both parents and children to feel a bit of anxiety about the new school year. Let’s face it; parents are already navigating the cost of living pressures and the extra back to school expense only adds to this. You do have options such as buying refurbished to help alleviate some of the burden.

Whether you’re about to enter into a new school, grade or finishing off your studies; it is essential that you have a computer which is ready to handle the upcoming year’s workload.

To help, we’ve put together a concise list covering the major requirements student laptops are typically expected to accommodate.

Operating System: Windows 10 or 11 or macOS

Processor: Intel: i5 recommended or higher

AMD: Ryzen 5 recommended or higher

Memory: 8 GB Ram Recommended (16GB is great)

Screen Size: 12.5″ or larger

Hard Drive: Min. 256 GB SSD (Solid State Drive)

Keyboard: Must have a tactile (physical) keyboard

Weight: Required – light and easy to carry. Slim enough to be carried in a school bag.


Minimum 2x USB (3.0) Ports, Headphone/Audio Jack
Battery: Min. 6 Hours Battery Life
Network: Must Support 5GHz Networks – Wireless 802.11ac compatible

Other Key Considerations:

A solid and robust business grade model to withstand daily student grind

Hard and/or well-padded protective case (shell)

Student’s user account must be an administrator

Laptop’s must be fully charged before arriving to school

Other Essentials
Students are expected to do a bulk of their learning, research and assignments online.

The transition therefore, has resulted in ensuring laptops have certain components which will allow them to have an enhanced online learning and experience.

The Webcam

Ensuring you have an inbuilt Webcam & Microphone has become common practice. A laptop which has a camera integrated into the screen allows for easy viewing/sharing. Its importance is to try and maintain that active participation evident in face-to-face learning. The webcam ensures that students are actively participating and learning with peers and teachers. Therefore, it is essential that students have an integrated webcam of decent quality (720p or higher) to achieve a rewarding online learning experience.

Internet Connection

With the development of NBN and 5GHz connectivity, it is crucial that your laptop is compatible with the latest & fastest internet speeds. Programs such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other Online Software require a strong & stable internet connection. It is critical that students ensure their laptop is equipped with a wireless adapter that can connect to the latest network. You don’t want to start on the back foot.

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