170W Slim Tip AC Power Adapter Compatible with IdeaPad Legion 5 5P Y540 Y545 Y740 Y730 Y900 Y910 Y920, Thinkpad P73 P53 P72 P52 P71 P51 P70 Y910, Yoga A940 ADL230NLC3A ADL230NDC3A


Input: AC 100V-240V, 3.6A(Max), 50-60Hz. Output: 20V 11.5A. MAX: 230W. Connector Size: Slim Tip Compatible Model :Legion Y540 Y540-15IRH (81RJ 81SX), Y540-15IRH-PG0 (81SY), Y540-17IRH (81Q4),Y545 Y545-PG0 (81T2), Y740 Y740-17IRH (81UG), Y740-17IRHg (81UJ), Y740-15ICHg (81HE), Y740-17ICHg (81HH), Y740-15IRH (81UF), Y740-15IRHg (81UH), Y7000 Y7000-2019 (81NS), Y920 Y920-17IKB, 5-15ARH05H (82B1), 5-15IMH05H (81Y6 82CF), 5-17IMH05H (81Y8), 5P-15IMH05H (82AW), 7-15IMH05 (81YT), 7-15IMHg05 (81YU) Compatible with P/N:20MB001EUS 20MB001FUS 20MB001GUS 20MB001HUS 20MB001JUS 20MB001KUS 20MB001LUS 20MB001UUS 20MB001VUS 20MB001WUS 20MB001XUS 20MB001YUS 20MB0020US 20MB0021US 20MB0022US 20MB0023US 20MB0024US 20MB0025US 20MB0026US 20MB0027US 20MB0028US 20MB0029US 20MB002AUS 20MB002BUS 20MB002CUS 20MB002DUS 20MB002EUS 20MB002FUS 20MB002GUS 20MB002HUS 20MB002JUS 20MB002KUS 20MB002MUS 20MB002NUS 20MB002PUS 20MB002QUS 20MB003PUS 20MB003QUS 20MB003RUS 20MB003SUS 20MB001MUS 20MB002LUS Safety Protection:170W AC Power Adapter for Laptop are UL, CE, FCC, RoHS certified and owns built-in multi-protection system, avoiding from over-voltage, over-charge, over-heat, etc. And 1 x 170 w Adapter with power cord by Marker top have used intelligent charging technologies can deliver a fastest charging speed that will make your device get power quickly. What You Get:1 x 170W AC Power Adapter( Include 3 Prong Power Cord.