Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set


– Full Size Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
– Stylish and Quiet Keyboard and Mouse Set
– Smart Sleep Power Saving
– Stable Connection and Adjustable DPI


Full Size Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – The full size keyboard provides everything your fingers need: media/fn keys, numeric keypad and more. The mouse and keyboard operate easily with a sensitive touch and combination of signals, so all you need to do is plug in the USB receiver from the keyboard and turn both on before you can enjoy this amazing keyboard and mouse.

Stylish and Quiet Keyboard and Mouse Set – You get a stylish and sleek keyboard and mouse set at a very reasonable price, with a matte finish in 2 colours – black and silver. We wouldn’t call it “whisper quiet” but it’s definitely much quieter than traditional keyboards and mice, especially older mechanical keyboards.

Smart Sleep Power Saving – With “Smart Sleep Mode”, the built-in chip will automatically detect your working status and if no operation is performed for more than 10 minutes, the keyboard and mouse will go into sleep mode to save energy, you can wake up the keyboard and mouse within 3 seconds by pressing any key on the keyboard and the left or right button on the mouse.

Stable Connection and Adjustable DPI – Both keyboard and mouse are connected to the same USB receiver and thanks to the good 2.4G connectivity you won’t experience any connection or latency problems! The DPI switch on top of the mouse makes it easy to change the mouse sensitivity during gaming or any other situation (DPI range: 800-1200-1600).

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